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Weekly Chakri is a job web site that has been providing job news to the people of Bangladesh since 2014. Delivering news to the unemployed in Bangladesh is freeing them from despair. Weekly Chakri are now in more new forms. Now people from the company can post jobs directly and candidates can apply directly online.


For Company

Are you looking for a fresh or killed worker? Then leave the responsibility of finding your employees to Weekly Chakri. You just post the job with the correct information of your company. Hundreds of CVs will be submitted to your email. You select the staff from there.


For Candadate

Are you looking for a job? Then easily sign up for weekly chakri as a candidate and keep applying for your dream job. We hope your unemployed life will come to an end.


Your Dream Jobs Are Waiting

Over 1 million interactions, 50,000 success stories Make yours now.

How It Works

Weekly Chakri Registration to Apply Job All Instruction below


Register Account

You can easily create an account with your name, phone number and e-mail address.


Update Profile

Arrange your profile with the necessary information. As if anyone is interested in hiring you when they enter your profile.


Search dream Job

Once the profile update is complete, click on All Jobs to apply for the job of your dreams.


Apply For Job

Apply for the job of your dreams by clicking the Apply button. And send your updated CV.

Are you looking for skilled Manpower?

Register as an Employ at Weekly Chakri right now. And your company post the job with the right information. On our website, there are more than 50,000 skilled unemployed youth who are looking for jobs. You can choose from them and hire skilled workers.